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Tara & Tim Norland

Tara & Tim Norland


We are Tara and Tim Norland, lead photographers for Norland Photography (Portage, WI). We have been capturing couple’s special moments for more than eight years. Our passion for photography pushes us to create one of a kind images of your special day and to capture a connection, a moment in time and a work of art! Our relaxed approach while shooting your photos makes our couples and their families’ true self come to life.

Our unique style and cutting edge approach sets our work apart from traditional photographers. We combine both creativity and photojournalism to tastefully record your memories on paper. By offering creative and cost effective wedding packages, we have earned a reputation as one of the most professional photographers with some of the best quality photos at an unbeatable price!

Our photography packages allow our customers to own their own high resolution digital images and in most cases will be delivered within four weeks. By doing this, you will ultimately be saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars on reprints and enlargements.

Teaming up with The Susie Show the past several years has made us an unstoppable team! We offer one of the most professional, award winning and affordable wedding packages in all of Wisconsin! When purchasing our complete package, you can count on a team that will capture your memories, keep you and your guests dancing and give you a day and night you will remember a lifetime!

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