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Scott Huelsman

Scott Huelsman

Photo Booth / Webmaster

A professional webmaster and programmer by trade, Scott also has a strong entrepreneurial and creative streak, running his own website development company for over 20 years and dabbling in online game programming and interactive fiction. Naturally, Scott helped set this website up as well as Susie’s original mobile DJ site

When not building or maintain sites, Scott is out helping his wife Susie with all of her shows, setting them up, helping Susie do her show and tearing them down afterwards (you could say he’s Susie’s favorite “roadie”). Scott also manages the photobooth when the service is requested, setting-up the photobooth, configuring the software, acting as the photobooth’s attendant during the show, tearing it all down afterwards and providing the bride and groom with all the photos (both electronically on a thumb drive as well as printed 2×6″ photos).

In-between his full-time web developer position with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, his part-time gig with his small business The Huelsman Way and The Susie Show, Scott likes to play basketball three times a week, watch a little anime at night and squeeze-in some piano playing as well.

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The Susie Show is No Longer in Business

Sadly, Susie Huelsman succumbed to her breast cancer and passed away on November 11, 2023. Hence, The Susie Show is no longer in business.

Susie was forever grateful for all the wonderful weddings, people and experiences she had during her run with The Susie Show and she wishes everyone continued good health and all the happiness in the world.

To continue Susie’s legacy, her husband Scott and daughter Marsha have rebranded her photo booth experience as Kindred Spirits Photo Booth Services! If you’re looking for a photo booth for your next big event, contact us and review what we can do for you!