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Nate & Anna Castner

Nate & Anna Castner


We are Nate and Anna Castner, a husband and wife photography team. We are an adventurous duo who love to travel, climb, camp, hike, bike and dive! We love meeting new people, exploring new places and trying new foods.

Photography is our art and our passion. Pictures can evoke powerful memories, bringing you back to those very moments and all of the details surrounding them.

Your wedding day is a very special celebration of your love. You spend many months crafting every little detail: venues, decorations, timelines, ceremonial moments and the very guests you’ve chosen to celebrate with you. Finding your photographer is but one checkbox on your “Wedding To-Do” list, but it is an important decision that determines how your memories will be shared for generations to come. We see the beauty in your love, the special little touches and the crafting of your celebration.

We want to turn your love story into art. Our goal is to give you the best possible photography experience!

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