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Children waiting for the teddy bear toss at a Susie Show wedding

Teddy Bear Toss

DJ Susie provides a separate teddy bear toss for children if requested!

During the garter and bouquet toss, children are often put in front of everyone because they are smaller, but this can cause them to be unintentionally trampled by the adults. I’ve been doing this for many years and I’ve seen children suffer injuries during these tosses.

Instead, I do a separate teddy bear toss for ONLY the children, if there are 15 or more children. First, the adults come up and we do the traditional garter and bouquet tosses. Afterwards, the children come up and we do a separate teddy bear toss, one by the bride(s) and one by the groom(s). This approach is much safer for the children and one or two lucky kids take home an adorable teddy bear!

The Susie Show is No Longer in Business

Sadly, Susie Huelsman succumbed to her breast cancer and passed away on November 11, 2023. Hence, The Susie Show is no longer in business.

Susie was forever grateful for all the wonderful weddings, people and experiences she had during her run with The Susie Show and she wishes everyone continued good health and all the happiness in the world.

To continue Susie’s legacy, her husband Scott and daughter Marsha have rebranded her photo booth experience as Kindred Spirits Photo Booth Services! If you’re looking for a photo booth for your next big event, contact us and review what we can do for you!