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Laser glow show that's part of The Susie Show!

Laser/Glow Show

Another perk of hiring DJ Susie is her awesome laser/glow show! This is at no extra cost and is a huge hit at EVERY event!

At a time of your choosing, DJ Susie will dim the lights and distribute to your guests 16″ LED blinking Styrofoam wands, LED blinking rings, glow necklaces and bracelets, LED rave gloves and more. She will then play upbeat dance music (usually starting with the “Jump Around” song) and turn on state of the art lasers and robotic spot lights. She has a 3-D laser that can provide a laser light show like you see at concerts if fog is allowed.

Most wedding reception guests go CRAZY during the laser/glow show and guests are welcome to take the wands, rings, necklaces and bracelets home with them!