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2016 Mobile Beat Las Vegas

2016 Mobile Beat Las Vegas

  • 17, Mar 2016
  • By: Susie Huelsman
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Where to begin! Such an amazing time at Mobile Beat in Las Vegas again this year. Learned so much in the seminars, got to hang out with all my DJ friends from all over the country, saw some amazing new lighting & equipment and so much more!

Red Foo from LMFAO was a guest speaker this year and he really was amazing! He threw an after dark party for us that was insane. It is nice to meet new DJ’s and see how they run their businesses and learn how things are in their markets across the country.

Scott tagged along with me this time (last year, he just sat and worked in the hotel room while I attended all the seminars). This year I purchased a ticket for him so he could learn more about what we as DJ’s do. He took back a lot of knowledge that he can now use with his own web development business. It was nice that he too had a good time.

Looking forward to some more up-coming conferences!